A / Destiny Marketing Assets

Creation of marketing assets from Destiny 2's launch throughout lifespan of multiple expansions, content releases, annual passes, and in-game events. Assets include, but not limited to, web banners, print advertising, packaging, official website design, infographics, and social marketing.


B / Crash Team Racing Grand Prix Assets

Post-launch content for Crash Team Racing includes new drops of tracks, characters, and other items every month. I was tasked with creating a basic and expanded overview of all those items each month along with the creation of themed art that is used in promotional materials.

C / Personal Animated Illustrations

Personal exploration of illustrated doodles as well as collaged compositions that expand my knowledge of motion in 2D design.


D / Vector Illustration

A collection of illustrations. A mix of both commissioned work and personal work, these works show my 'house-style' of vectored illustration.


E / PRJKT Ruby

Branding and branding collateral for a pharmaceutical company aiming to empower women by giving them power over their own reproductive health. Partnered with a non-profit company, take1 give1, that sends aid to women-only clinics in third world countries.


F / Station Emoji

A set of icons for Station Casino’s emoji campaign. A two day project illustrating all aspects of the gaming and resort of the Las Vegas casino. Icons used as part of a free emoji app as well as across multiple formats.


G / Heart & Courage Tavern

Brand and identity system for a Wizard of Oz themed bar and grill located in the Yellow Brick Road Casino, New York. The identity is built off of the Heart, or the Tin Man, and Courage, or the Cowardly Lion.


H / Kent's Superfly Club

Branding & Identity system for a non-profit program to teach autistic children skills in acrobatics. The logotype visually represents pieces coming together; referencing the National Autism symbol of the puzzle pieces as well as the idea of people coming together to solve the difficulties that kids with Autism endure every day.


  I / Magik Scouts

Brand and identity system for teaching curriculum aimed at teaching children philosophy and practice of real world magik, in hopes that alternative lessons can bring joy and understanding to kids that feel neglected in our current society.


 J / Machine Project Posters

A collection of commissioned silkscreened posters for the Machine Project, at the Redcat Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Each poster is uniquely designed to advertise the artistic perspective of each exhibition.

The Abstraction Reaction poster was displayed  in "Between the Lines: Typography in LACMA’s Collection” A LACMA Exhibit that showed during May 12-Sept 2 of 2019.

K / Relish Magazine

The first issue of Relish, a magazine containing oddities from the over-populated world. It's articles range from the extremely over-decorated design to the over-accumulative collections. Relish is for the fanatics of the excessive and the over-loaded.


L / Activision Halloween Poster 2017-2018

A series of posters to advertise an internal party for the employees at Activision Blizzard Publishing.


M / CalArts Halloween Poster

A collaborative poster to advertise the annual CalArts Halloween Party. This poster is a two color silkscreen poster that meshes the two defined styles of my co-designer and my styles seamlessly.


N / Shelter

A collection of fragmented memories housed in an interactive memior of my childhood home. This virtual story explores the fagility of memories, as well as the concept of shelter.